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When Good Things Happen

On July 3 I flew off to Italy for my MFA residency and a much needed vacation. One of the lectures I attended while there was by my MFA mentor, Mary Yukari Waters. She spoke about “The Deceptively Simple Question” and challenged us as writers to steer from the obvious [...]

Dear Teen Me Post Live Today is the brainchild of authors E. Kristin Anderson and Miranda Kenneally. YA authors write heartfelt, funny, and sometimes embarrassing letters to their teen selves. I happily participated thinking it would be an easy thing to do. Instead, when I sat down to write the letter, I found the experience to be [...]

Celebrate With Me!

I've had so much to be thankful for in the last month. An overwhelming amount, actually. Four books sold and, as if that's not enough, other good things have happened in the part of my life I don't talk about much here. Code: day job. Now, I like to celebrate my [...]

Confessions About Vlogging

Confession #1: I’ve never done a vlog. Confession #2: Until recently, I never intended to do one. Confession #3: If you ask me why not, I’ll tell you I’m shy. Really, I’m just too self-conscious. I’m worried about how my butt will look, even though most blogs are shot from [...]

Different and Okay With It

When I was five, my older brother taught me how to write my name. I was fascinated by the pencil and how it scrawled and created letters that turned into words that I could READ. I loved to practice writing those lines, curlicues and ovals. Then I started school, and [...]

Website Launch Day!

You may have noticed something's different around here. I felt like it was time to make things a little more homey for my visitors. So today, I'm launching my official website at When thinking about my new digs, I knew I wanted to have a little fun. And when [...]

2010 in: Music

Sarah Enni suggested a week of the best of 2010 lists. This is day two: The Best Albums of 2010. The problem? I rarely purchase whole albums anymore. I’m a big believer in iTunes Genius and Pandora. I purchase songs I like rather than whole albums, and I can’t remember [...]