A Milestone, or Something

So you know how one day you get this idea, this spark of something that overwhelms you? At first, it just kind of sits there in the back of your mind, whispering at you to pay attention. Then the idea pervades more and more of your thoughts, occupying your brain when you should be sleeping or doing dishes or driving down the freeway. Finally, you can’t ignore the persistent thing, and you decide to test the idea out on a page somewhere. See what there is to see. Disprove the theory that this is something so that you can take back your brain. Only that isn’t what happens. Instead you tap out 50 pages. It’s raw and you have know clue how to plot and you’re pretty sure that end you thought up is ridiculous, BUT…

It could be something.

You are equal parts crazy (because what makes you think you can write an entire book?) and alive (because the enormous, boundary-less world of your imagination has opened up to you). And you just have a feeling about this idea of yours…

It might be something.

That’s what it was like to work on my first novel TOUCHED, the first book in the Sense Thieves trilogy. Excitement, confidence, doubt, stark terror, frustration, depression, hope – so many emotions mingling and co-existing all at once. A fragile ego overridden by an all-encompassing drive. I don’t know how else to explain what makes writers (or at least this writer) tick. I think we are mad to do what we do, but with the madness there is a desperate joy. The what-ifs and possibilities of that something carried me through writing and editing that first book without a roadmap. They carried me through the months it took to find my agent, and then the year it took to sell that series.

Fast forward five years. I’ve learned so much about writing and myself in that time. So much has changed that I no longer feel like the same person. A move, a new job, new friends, an MFA, a plethora of conferences, traveling, battling depression, an unexpected foray into vlogging, getting an agent, suffering through an Absolute Write addiction followed by a Twitter addiction followed by a Pinterest addiction (Hi, my name is Cory, and I pin every braided hair style I can find. Proof.), and cutting my hair into a pixie cut and then growing it back out – twice.

Perhaps most momentous of all (although the hair thing is pretty epic), IGNITED, the final book in the Sense Thieves trilogy, releases today. It marks the publication of my fourth book in three years

And that, my friends, is something.


For more information about the trilogy, click on the images below. I would be ever so grateful if you would purchase a copy of IGNITED. Also, I will put my Pinterest skills to good use and braid the hair of anyone who buys it.* Or paint your nails with the “it” colors I’ve pinned to my boards.**

If you are waiting on a prize from me, I’ve packed up about 60 books (not joking). I just need to get to the post office this week. Thanks in advance for your patience.

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**Also a lie. It’s like I have no shame.

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