confused_person2012 passed in one, big, ginormous blur. Here are some things that happened this year.

  • Wrote and edited TOUCHED 2
  • Went to a lot of conferences (BEA, ALA, NCTE, ALAN Workshop) for the first time
  • School visits and bookstore visits galore
  • Graduated with my MFA in Paris (July)
  • Visited Germany to meet the readers (July)
  • Launched TOUCHED in Germany (Feb) and then in the US (Nov)
  • Launched my debut novel, IF I LIE (Aug)
  • Began working from a home office in Sept (day job)
  • Began writing TOUCHED 3 and another WIP
  • Vlogged for the YA Rebels, reviewed for the Bookanistas, and wrote a gazillion interviews and guest posts
  • Participated in the Class of 2k12 and the Apocalypsies
  • Read 85 books
  • Back-to-back Change Write Now health challenges

I’m still reeling from everything that happened this year. I didn’t spend a lot of time letting things sink in or reflecting on them. I wish I had because sometimes really amazing experiences passed me by with nary a celebration. I hope to do a better job of slowing down to enjoy things in 2013. Here’s to a fresh beginning for the new year!

Tomorrow, be sure to return to check out my new 101 in 1001 post!