IF I LIE has been out in the world for a month and a half, and I’m so appreciative of all the kind comments and support you’ve sent my way. And now with a month and a half to go before TOUCHED launches into the world, I’m excited to see my ARCs making their way into the world.

Having two books launch so closely together has been both amazing and overwhelming. This last year, I also finished writing the sequel to TOUCHED and graduated with my MFA in Creative Writing. And then there are all the changes at my day job that I never talk about. The point I’m making is that I’ve been constantly moving since my books sold. And lately, I’ve been feeling the fatigue.

One of the main reasons? I have allowed myself to become constantly tethered to some type of electronic device. I swear I’m part robot. I used to love going on Twitter and “playing” with my friends or vlogging, but lately the fun has been lost on me. Now, the internet is a distraction from the thing I should be doing and loving the most – the writing.

So, in an effort to replenish my creative reserves, I am declaring the remainder of October an internet-free month. Other than checking email daily to stay on top of professional obligations, I am going into hibernation mode. I am going to read and write and then write some more. And I hope to return to the Interwebz a new, less stressed-out person come November.

Thanks again for all of your support!