If you’ve read IF I LIE, then you know that the Veterans History Project plays a big role in the story and in the relationship between Quinn and George. The Veterans History Project is an amazing project with a mission to record and preserve the stories of our soldiers. Their mission statement:

The Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war.

When I was researching the wartime experiences of soldiers for IF I LIE, the Veterans History Project proved invaluable and life changing. I spent hours watching video interviews and reading documents. I learned what war and military life is like from the men and women who have experienced it firsthand. The stories left their mark on me, an indelible impression that squeezed my heart. I thought about my uncle, a Vietnam veteran who was changed by that war, and I wished that I could have recorded his story for the project. I had a bittersweet yearning for others to know about the project, and maybe be inspired to interview a veteran in their life. It’s a mark of respect to honor a soldier by listening to their story, and so George became an advocate and staunch supporter of the Veterans History Project.

And now, I feel blessed to be an author featured at the AFC’s Veterans History Project table at the National Book Festival on the National Mall in Washington DC. This weekend, they are offering you a chance to win IF I LIE, plus they will have IF I LIE swag to give out to visitors. Simply visit their table, and mention the passphrases below for a chance to win!

Bonus 1: If you mention the phrase “collect, preserve, share” to one of the staff, you will receive a special gift.

Bonus 2: The first 3 people to say “I love George, and will interview a veteran” to the staff will receive a signed copy of the new novel “If I Lie”.

If you visit the table, please take the time to learn about the project. They are doing invaluable work, and maybe…if you feel so inclined…think about interviewing a soldier in your life. You can also learn more about the project here and download a guide on how to create an entry for the project.