So for weeks on end, I’ve been working without a day off. Monday thru Friday is about my marketing career. The evenings and weekends are for writing and all the marketing that goes with the writing. To give you an idea of my last month, here’s a bit of what I had going on:

  • July – MFA graduation/homework; TOUCHED 2 edits; TOUCHED 1 copy edits; Germany visit to promote TOUCHED 1; writing
  • August – more TOUCHED 2 edits; TOUCHED 1 first pass pages; IF I LIE launch (includes interviews, promotion, party planning, and a million visits to the post office); writing

And now September is shaping up to be a madhouse month with continuing promotion of IF I LIE, plus ramping up on TOUCHED promotion for its November 27 release. Let’s just say that I’m 1000% grateful for my blessings, but more than a little ragged around the edges.

So on Friday afternoon, I headed home, intent on using my three-day weekend to the max. I work every weekend, so that extra day in a 3-day weekend always feels like nirvana because I get to pack more work into a longer stretch. Anyway, I got home, went to plug in my trusty Macbook Air and realized (amid much cussing that would shame a sailor) that my power cord was missing. My wonderful sister had mistakenly taken it back to LA with her, and since it was a holiday weekend, I would be sans laptop through Tuesday at least. At first, I was really angry. Not at my sister (who had just spent 5 days propping my crazy ass up through a stressful week), but at the situation. I had so much to get caught up on. Emails, an author questionnaire, interviews, blog posts, and my Twitter launch party. And then there was all that writing I planned to do this weekend. Tons of writing (which I can’t do by hand). For fifteen minutes, I sat on my couch, staring at the wall, and freaked the hell out about all the deadlines roaring up on me. I was near tears, and for the first time in ages, I sought comfort in old friends that had never let me down – books.

I grabbed a book out of my towering TBR pile and buried myself in it so I could forget about all the pressures. And you know what? It was the bomb (see how old I am?). Over the weekend I read six books. Yeah, you heard me right. SIX BOOKS. I read into the wee hours and slept late. I wore pajamas and showered only to put new pajamas on. And last night, after the Twitter party (which I had to do via a workaround since I was without my Mac) I watched two movies. Two lame, action-packed movies that probably left me sans a few brain cells. Oh, and I ate junk food and ordered a pizza, too. It was a full-on slacker fest at my place.

Once I gave in to the fact that I could do nothing about my laptop-less state (except drop $75 on a new cord – damn you, Apple!), I had an amazing weekend. It was like reclaiming a bit of myself again that had nothing to do with Workaholic Type-A Control Freak Cory. Yes, I worked for 6 hours on Monday, but I didn’t work through the Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday that came before it. And I realized that I miss Fun Slacker Cory sometimes and maybe this enforced break was a blessing in disguise. From waking time to sleeping time, I’m attached to all my digital devices. No, really. I sleep with my iphone and sometimes my ipad, too. It’s sick. And I feel this enormous anxiety and guilt when I disconnect for more than a couple of hours. BUT that is crap. Everyone needs a day off now and then, and damn it if I didn’t take two and savor the heck out of them. I can’t always do this, but I need to remember to do it more often.

This weekend, I wore my LAZY SLAG t-shirt with pride.*


*I don’t really own this t-shirt, but I kind of want to now.