I hate you. Please be a dear and let me get some sleep.


Here is a sample of what I have to do in the next week, and this does not include the items on day job to-do list. And I realize all votes of sympathy flew out the door at “Pack for Europe.” 🙂

  • Prep for MFA Graduation Residency
    • Grad Lecture – test PowerPoint, prepare handout
    • Grad Reading – prepare remarks and practice 20-minute reading
    • Workshop – read 9 workshop packets and prepare comments
    • Read 2.5 books and be prepared to discuss
  • TOUCHED 1 copy edits
  • TOUCHED 2 – do another read through
  • TOUCHED 3 – begin outline
  • Germany – prep for visit and reading
  • Pack for Europe
  • Clean house to prepare for family visit next week. This means moving stacks of books to make things presentable
  • Finish invites for IF I LIE launch party
  • Complete blog interviews
  • Order TOUCHED bookmarks (need for August)
  • Film 2 YA Rebels vlogs
  • Hit post office to mail out blog prizes