So you know how authors obsess about Amazon rankings and reviews and posts about their books? I’ve been doing that, but I have to translate everything from German because my first book debuted in Germany on 2/21. TOUCHED – DER PREIS DER UNSTERBLICHKEIT is available now from Thienemann Verlag. And I’m so relieved because people are liking it. They are writing fun reviews and vlogging. And just now THIS happened.


Which means that German TOUCHED is 1,427 in all eBooks. Which is AWESOME. And then there’s this…

TOUCHED is #92 in Children’s and Teen books. DUDE. I’m in the top 100 YA Youth eBooks on Amazon.

WOOOOOTTTT! Ahem. I could be a little excited.

I just want to thank Thienemann for all that they are doing to support TOUCHED. Have you seen this AMAZING site they did? And this Facebook page? And a Reading Round begins on 3/24 on where I’ll be answering reader questions.

And ginormous thanks to the readers! Your emails make my day! <3