GUYS. I’ve had so much news this week. I’m wavering between happy tears and giddy grins that are freaking me out anytime I catch my reflection in a mirror. I can’t imagine what strangers are thinking.

First, yesterday I got this in the mail.

It’s a jacket cover for the German version of TOUCHED that is due out February 17, 2012 from Thienemann.** It’s iridescent and so very beautiful.

(**Note: this is the German version only. The US version won’t debut until December 2012, and it will have a different cover.)


And then tonight I got home and found THIS.

My first pass pages for IF I LIE arrived. I can actually see what this baby is going to look like as a book. And the ARCs are coming so much sooner than I realized!!! (But please don’t ask me for one because I don’t have any to give away.)


Third, I got this ringtone for my phone and I giggle every freaking time my phone rings.



And last, but not least, I’m announcing a celebration.

Next week I get to….drumroll…share the cover for IF I LIE. Finally, finally you’ll see the insanely beautiful cover and read the jacket copy (at least the ARC version) that I’ve so desperately been wanting to share. Here’s what’s happening.

1. If you have a blog and would like to be in on helping me reveal the cover, you’ll post the cover and the summary on 12/21.

2. Five bloggers (picked at random by that sign up get something. You can choose to (a) keep it for yourself or (b) give it to one of your followers.

3. The something? A mixed CD with the playlist for IF I LIE (legally purchased by me, mind you. No piracy here.) with liner notes on why the songs were on my playlist (will include some hints about the characters in IF I LIE so it’s like a sneak peek, people. MONTHS before others see anything).

4. If you want to help me with my reveal on 12/21, please sign up here.