I’ve had so much to be thankful for in the last month. An overwhelming amount, actually. Four books sold and, as if that’s not enough, other good things have happened in the part of my life I don’t talk about much here. Code: day job.

Now, I like to celebrate my ups (and downs) (and middles) with cupcakes. They make me happy. Especially when someone else makes them for me. I’m pretty sure Chef Kara created Kara’s Cupcakes just to serve me. To celebrate all the changes around here (including this shiny new site), I think it’s high time we have a MASSIVE CUPCAKE GIVEAWAY.

To enter:

I’m going to make it super easy.

  1. Just leave a comment below telling me one thing that happened to you this month that you could have celebrated with a cupcake OR
  2. Tweet the following:  #Cupcakeme because
    [insert reason why you deserve/need a cupcake prize].  Be sure to include the hashtag!
  3. Each day this week I will randomly draw four winners using Random.org.
  4. If you have a minute, surf around my new site. If you find any broken links or typos, email me or note them in the comments to get an extra entry.

Each day this week I will randomly pick four of the below items to give away to four random winners.

5-Cupcake Lip Balms – It’s Frosting Flavored!

5-Cupcake Yankee Candle Car Air Fresheners – Oh, hai, my car smells like heaven!

4-Boxes of Cupcake Pebbles – Fruity Pebbles. That taste like cupcakes.

1-Zombie Cupcake Book – Who doesn’t want to make cupcakes that look like zombies?

1-Hello! Cupcake Recipe Book – So many recipes. So little time.

1-Giant Cupcake Pan – Z.O.M.G.

1-Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake Candle – Chocolate would be better, but Vanilla is good, too.

1-Cupcake Bubble Bath – Scented bubble bath bomb infused with mango, coconut and pineapple.

1-Pretty Cupcake Kit – Includes recipe booklet, hundreds of paper liners and colorful flag toppers.

Good luck!

ETA: You can only win once!


Gracie – Cupcake Pebbles
Pam Harris – Lip Balm
Janine Clay – Zombie Cupcake Book
Yahong Chi – Air Freshener


Nicole – Cupcake Pebbles
Jennifer McFarland – Lip Balm
Rachele Alpine – Hello! Cupcake Recipe Book
Aurora – Air Freshener


Leanne Beattle – Cupcake Pebbles
Race Mercaldo – Lip Balm
Zack Barnes – Yankee Candle Cupcake Candle
Vivien – Air Freshener


Tracy Banghart – Cupcake Pebbles
Jocelyn Adams – Lip Balm
Abby Stevens – Cupcake Bubble Bath
Kara Mustafa – Air Freshener


Erica – Pretty Cupcake Kit
Katiecoop – Lip Balm
Sarah – Giant Cupcake Pan
Stephanie – Air Freshener