Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, a bunch of YA writers are spreading the love in a big ol’ blogfest. We were each given a Secret Valentine to lavish some affection on. My Secret Valentine is Krista Ashe.

If you’ve ever visited the Old People Writing for Teens room on the Absolute Write forums, you’ve most likely met Krista. The unofficial welcome committee, Krista exudes Southern Magnolia charm as she greets all the newcomers and helps everyone settle in to the conversation. I know she was there to greet me when I first showed up and helped me ease my way into the group.

Krista is also one of the founders of the Got YA blog. She and her cohorts have tackled everything from query letters to censorship, while throwing great contests for their followers. Plus we get a peek at what they were like as teens when they take a trip to the past on Flashback Fridays. Krista also writes some very real characters, infusing her writing with the same passion she infuses in her life.

If you’ve met Krista for even five minutes, you know she has a fierce, loyal heart. She adores her puppy and her Grandmother. She also gives a tremendous amount of love and attention to her students, and has even been recognized with a WXIA 11Alive News Class Act Teaching Award.

You can find Krista on her blog, at Got Ya, or follow her on Twitter!