I decided to play along with this week’s Road Trip Wednesday from the great ladies over at YA Highway.

This week’s topic: Who are your favorite literary couples?

There were so many it was hard to narrow it down. But here goes for my top five.

5. Macy <3 Wes – In The Truth About Forever (Sarah Dessen), Macy and Wes both have significant others. Their feelings for each other develop slowly over the course of the novel, but the great thing about that is that Dessen shows their friendship growing bit by bit. It’s natural, and it leaves you rooting for them.

4. Agatha <3 Scott – Agatha walks with a limp because her drunken father knocked her down a flight of stairs. Scott is the owner of the new saloon in town. In the middle of a prohibition argument, these two somehow manage to become friends and fall in love. The Gamble (Lavyrle Spencer) gets me weepy every time I read it.

3. Minerva Dobbs <3 Cal Morrisey – In Bet Me (Jennifer Crusie), these two hate each other. At first. And then they fall in love, seeing all of each other’s faults, including her constant body type issues and rude mother and his insistence on perfection and uppity family. I seriously love this book that goes from enemy to friend to love.

2. Emily <3 Tom – This is another one of those loathing turns to friendship turns to deeper feelings novels. In Lavyrle Spencer’s Vows, the devastion these characters feel is palpable as Tom realizes he’s fallen for his best friend’s fiance. This book also has the best wooing and the best two-guys-fighting-over-a-girl scene I’ve ever read. Twilight has nothing on the heartache in this book.

1. Jane Eyre <3 Edward RochesterJane Eyre is one of my absolute favorite reads. That romance sizzles between these two, but Jane never compromises her values to be with Edward. It’s up to him to be a better man if he wants her.