***I will be announcing the contest winner on 8/8.


This week marks the one-year anniversary of my blog. Reaching a milestone like this one has a way of making you look over your shoulder, and I’m so proud of what I see in the life that is reflected on this site. Some major, stunning things happened. Getting an agent. Moving  to San Francisco. Finishing the second year of my MFA program. Sure there was darkness, but those bitter days make the sweet ones taste like a Caramel Macchiato (which incidentally takes just like a perfectly toasted marshmallow, slightly burned and gooey on the inside).

My Lesson Learned

I learned a lot about bravery. Taking chances and tamping down fear. I learned about patience in my very impatient way. Mostly, I learned how important it is to be part of the writing community. Some of my best friends are writers I met on AW and Twitter. Finding out I was getting an agent would not have been the same without Kate along for the ride. She teaches me how to find the humor in disappointment. And then there is Kirsten who is a walking example of class and grace. Long, animated talks with Dawn have helped sharpen my views on my writing process. The Bradford Bunch ladies drop golden tips like they are pennies. And all my friends at Spalding make me feel like I belong.

So many writers have affected me this year. More people  than I can possibly mention here, but I want to tell you all how much I appreciate you. Your comments on this blog and elsewhere mean a lot. Even when I’m not posting or tweeting, I’m always watching and listening. So thank you!

Guest Blogs….

To celebrate my blogiversary, I’ve invited four really amazing women writers to share the greatest lesson they’ve learned in the last year. Look for posts by Jennifer Echols, Veronica Roth, Marjetta Geerling, and Jodi Meadows this week.


In the spirit of my Blogiversary, I am going to brush off my design skills (I was a graphic designer in a previous life) to give (1) lucky winner  a custom blog header, including a blog logo.


+1 if you follow my blog (required)

+1 if you leave a comment telling me the greatest writing lesson you’ve learned in the last year

+1 for each tweet about my contest

+2 if you blog about my contest

Some limitations:

1. If you have a WordPress blog, I can help walk you through the installation of the header/logo. I can also provide some help with Blogger blogs. For other blog types, just provide the size header and/or logo you need, and I will turn the creative over to you.
2. I will pay for any royalty-free creative used in the layout up to $15.
3. All entries must be received by July 30th, midnight PST.