Full confession. I am a Twitter addict. Since I succumbed to my obsession in November, I have surreptitiously been following AKA stalking fellow writers, editors, and agents. One particular name would set my heart beating a little faster when her address would pop up – @bradfordlit. Last year, she requested my full manuscript with the kindest handwritten note that has since owned serious real estate on my fridge between the Paris magnet and the New Orleans magnet.

Then, one evening last week, Laura Bradford of Bradford Literary Agency tweeted this:

I had a vague thought that maybe she meant my full before dropping off to sleep. The next morning, while riding the bus to work, I read these:

Knowing my manuscript might be considered too long, I experienced a higher pitched twinge of maybe-it’s-me. As you can imagine, I was constantly refreshing Twitter as the day went on. These tweets came next:

I watched as Laura’s followers began to get in the game. At this point, I was madly DMing my pal, Kate, asking her if I was crazy to think I could be the subject of those tweets. Then, Laura realized the author of the manuscript was following her on Twitter. She really began to tease.

Okay, at this point, I am FREAKING out. I’m talking shaky hands and an inability to string two words together. Not an easy feat for a person who deals in words. After all, I did print on heavier paper, and I am a “she.” I am obviously cool under pressure, so I dare to ask:

Her answer?

Kate’s response?

I’m texting my sister with eight thumbs. Kate and I are jumping up and down, sure that smiley face screams my name. My coworker, who has noticed my inattention, is grinning. We’re all excited. And then I remember with abject horror: I never sent Laura my new San Francisco phone number. I dash off a very sheepish email to her because, hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I ask her to please disregard the puddle of humiliation at her feet if she is, in fact, discussing a complete stranger.

Two minutes later, my phone rings. It’s Laura, and she’s offering me representation. And she’s even more phenomenal than I thought she would be. I can’t think of a better, more heart-palpitating way to have received an offer. The months of sending queries. The eight agents who requested my manuscript. The agonizing wait. Highs. Lows. A rollercoaster to hell and back. And then, ONE PERFECT DAY. Totally worth it.

As for Laura… She’s my agent. Happy sigh. : – )

UPDATE: The response today has been overwhelming! I can’t thank everyone enough for all the warm wishes. I am completely bowled over.