I work in marketing. Day in and day out, I live and breathe advertising, promotions, and social media. Many companies are weighing in on the benefit of using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other online methods to spread the love about the products/services. I believe in the power of social media as a marketer. As a consumer, though, I didn’t want to be a lemming jumping on the latest bandwagon. Personally, I like to feel superior to the lemmings because I would never (gasp!) be on trend. That’s right. I’m original. (I say this in between talking on my totally unique, one-of-a-kind iphone in my leggings and boots. Nope. Nobody else in the world is doing that. And if you are, stop copying me.)

I have been known to mock people who spend their free time on forums (get some friends, losers). I blacklist anyone who seeds me a hug or Easter Egg Hunt via Facebook. And don’t get me started on those self-important people who tweet about getting a Diet Coke from McDonalds (we know you also got a large fries and a Big Mac. You’re not fooling anyone!).

And then, I finished my novel and twiddled my thumbs not knowing what to do next. Thankfully, I found a virtual community to help provide guidance. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the online masses converted me from an original I-turn-my-nose-up-at-following-trends to hi-my-name-is-Cory-can-I-join-your-club?. Insert mockery here.

  1. I’m on Facebook – I still ferociously hate people who send me apps (you know who you are). Do not even think about asking me to play Farmville or Mafia Wars. I’m also not sure it’s the best idea in the world to reconnect with those who knew me as a cheerleader in high school. Still, it’s a great way to spread the news about your writing and befriend anyone who is willing to listen to find out Cory is: (a) sick, (b) tired, or (c) sick and tired of being asked to take a quiz because 6 of my other friends did.
  2. I blog – What’s not to love? Insta-feedback on my writing via Teaser Tuesdays. Sharing what I’ve learned about craft with other writers through red marks my professors leave on my pages. WordPress stats that feed my obsessive need to know how many people are visiting me on a daily basis (love me, love me, love me!).
  3. I read blogs – Reading the Teaser Tuesdays of other writers and their writing tips can only help my writing to grow. See? I’m at least a millimeter taller.
  4. I chat on forums – Really, I abuse the other AWers with my version of humor. Amongst all the LOLs and Twilight jokes, we sometimes manage to offer each other encouragement and loving criticism.
  5. I tweet – This one wasn’t even on my radar. Only needy, narcissistic people tweet. Lesson #87 of the week: I’m needy and narcissistic. Who knew? Personality disorders aside, I’ve also learned that agents, editors, and writers galore are out there offering invaluable tips on the world of publishing. Plus it’s another way to spread the abuse to my fellow AWers.

Please excuse me now while I update my FB status, check my blog stats, read the AWer blogs, wreak havoc in the forums, and then stalk my friends on Twitter.

*Runs off to make a tee emblazoned with “I’m an original @Lemming. Follow me.”*

BTW: If you just looked up that address on Twitter and it exists, it’s not me and you are probably one of those people who send me Facebook apps. Stop it. Seriously.